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Understanding horses is a great way for kids to connect with themselves and the world around them. From the horses’ point of view, kids see the world with a fresh perspective and hopefully, make the world a better place for all of us. Now, check out our fun RiseUp EQ products!

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The digital W.H.O.A Book Club is the perfect way for horse-crazy kids aged 9-12, to learn about their favorite animal on the go. Flip books provide hours of fun!
Each month brings new material from upcoming print books and more.

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Ebooks are lightweight, convenient, and easy to use – but they lack the sensory and emotional experience of a print book… until now! Introducing – the amazing flip book! The W.H.O.A. Book Club is full of them! Easy to use, interactive, stimulating, and most importantly, they are fun!

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RiseUp EQ Print Books are a fun, engaging, and screen-free gateway to foster your child’s lifetime journey into the world of horses. W.H.O.A. Workbooks are entertaining and ideal for kids to collect and share with horse friends and family.

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W.H.O.A Workbooks are great for camps, clubs, groups,and more. Use the books for fundraising events or birthday favors for parties and friends. Donate to childrens’ hospitals. These high quality print books are shipped directly to you within 14 days.

RiseUp EQ Press

RiseUp EQ Press is a division of RiseUp Equestrian Academy. We are committed to supporting charities of vulnerable populations through our educational digital and print publications. Our mission is to raise public awareness for issues that affect our furry friends, children, and seniors.

Current Press Projects:

The Donkey Sense Charity Project

Our digital publication, Donkey Sense: Uncommon Horse Sense, can be customized for equine-related charity fundraising purposes. All we need is their own custom-edited stories and images. We donate the activity portions of the book free of charge. The charity gets 100% of the donations. Take a look at the Donkey Sense digital example.

The Senior Citizen S.A.F.E. Project:

(Seniors Against Fraud and Exploitation) 

Scamming seniors has become a big business around the world. The FTC has received over 6 million complaints since 2000, and it is only getting worse. Our digital book is senior-friendly and full of examples of senior scam prevention and action steps if they think they have been scammed. Please pass this link on to your senior friends and families and help stop elderly fraud!


What’s better? The charity keeps 100% of the funds raised!

The custom digital Donkey Sense Workbook is provided to the charity to embed and promote right on their website.

RiseUp EQ selects and promotes one qualified charity per month on our website. 100% of the donations go straight to the charity. 

Sponsor the production fee for your favorite charity, or have them check us out. We do the rest! We are excited to share this unique way to help them raise much-needed funds year-round.

Check out a sample of Donkey Sense: Uncommon Horse Sense!