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Custom Publishing for Nonprofits

  • Do you want a custom publication to tell your unique story? Easy!
  • Does your organization have an important message or educational materials to share?
  • Do you want to turn blog posts, videos, images, and graphics into a fun book for your supporters? Easy!

Need a Quick Fundraising Start?

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Try an Interactive Flipbook!

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Quickstart Fundraising Plan

  • Are you an equine charity?
  • Need to raise money fast? 
  • No time or resources to create flip book content?

Let us help you with our affordable ready-made flip book Donkey Sense: Uncommon Horse Sense (for kids 9-12). We help you customize the book with your own stories.

What does this cost?

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Check out a sample book here!


Why a Digital Book?

You have a unique heart-full story to share with your donors. What better way to tell the story than through an interactive digital flip book.  Your media-rich flip book is embedded on your website and ready for viewing by new site visitors and return donors. The flip book is easy to use and fun for your fans to learn more about you, your books, and your products and services. Flip books can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Do you have a complete manuscript for a book you wrote? We can quickly convert it into an engaging flip book.
  • Create a workbook for your members and fans from your own book. These are a huge hit with kids and adults.
  • Display a sample of your flip book and invite people to buy the full version to view on your website or learning platform.
  • Embed personalized videos to welcome your readers, demonstrate tools, techniques, products, and services you offer.
  • Use color-rich media to grab and maintain your readers attention and keep them coming back for more!
  • Do you have lots of posts, videos, and images buried in website archives? Create an engaging Blog Book for the front of your website.
  • Do you need help getting started on your organization’s book?

Keep reading to find out how flip books are revolutionizing digital publications.


Display your colorful flip book on your website or social media platform for your fans and followers to view. You set the minimum donation price. When they donate, you can send them a thank you email and the link to the book. That’s it!

What is the cost?

$250 Standard Nonprofit Package Includes:

  • Up to 150 pages (pdf file)
  • Up to 5 video links
  • Up to 30 min phone or Zoom consultation time
  • Conversion time up to 14 days

$250 Quickstart Nonprofit Package Includes:

  • Donkey Sense Workbook (for kids aged 9-12)
  • Up to 6 custom pages (pdf file)
  • Up to 30 min phone or Zoom consultation time
  • Processing time up to 14 days

$400 Premium Nonprofit Package Includes:

  • Up to 300 pages (pdf file)
  • Up to 10 video links
  • Up to one-hour phone or Zoom consultation time
  • Conversion time no longer than 14 days

$100 Add Express Publishing:

  • Your publication will be ready within five days!

Can we add more pages?

Yes! We have rates as low as $25 per page.

Do we have to be tech savvy?

If you need technical help embedding your digital book onto your web page or social media platforms, we offer affordable services through our tech-savvy partners at Mendatech, LLC. They offer special rates to the nonprofit organizations we work with. Tell them you were referred by RiseUp EQ Press for custom rates!

How much can we raise?

It’s completely up to you! Post the flip book on social media platforms with a donate button. Attract new donors that hesitate to give unless they get. Need more ideas? We are here to help. 

Let’s do some math:

If you have 3,000 supporters and you priced the book at $15 and 500 people donated to get the book, that’s $7,500. Now you can make lots of flipping books to sell! What if 1000 supporters bought the book…now you see why a flip book could help your fundraising efforts. Without renting a building!

Can we create our own unique book?

RiseUp EQ Press can take your ready-to-publish manuscript (pdf format) and convert it into a beautiful customized digital flipbook.

  • Tell your own unique story of how your organization started.
  • Add business sponsors to generate even more funds with live links.
  • Place it on social media platforms with a link to your donate page.

What better way to connect with your supporters and sponsors than by a digital flip book.

You can add videos, pop-up windows, and live links to educate, teach, or bring all your videos into one place. You can add a video or features at any time. This keeps your flipbook updated for new donors and fresh for previous donors. Yes, it’s that versatile and fun.

The best part is the simple revision process. If you need to add, remove, or replace a page, no problem. Did someone leave the organization? Notify us, and we will remove it. Supporters who donated to receive your book link will automatically receive an update without disrupting the access link. Brilliant!

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