About Us

About Us:

RiseUp EQ

  • We publish quality print & digital books.
  • We educate people of all ages.
  • We advocate for nonprofits and their mission.

RiseUp EQ Press – Publishing

In addition to producing fun educational flip books for kids, we produce digital flip books for nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

  • Create a flip book for your next fundraising campaign.
  • We sell printed books in bulk for camps, clubs, groups, and hospitals. etc.
  • Tell your story about your company and your company’s products and services in a fun, interactive way.
  • Learn how flip books can take any organization to an engaging level.

RiseUp Equestrian Academy – Education

Check out our  Wise Horse Owner Academy (W.H.O.A.) Book Club

Horse-loving kids, ages 9-12, enjoy the collection of digital flip books while supporting various charities.

Lifetime membership benefits include the following:

  • Exclusive access to the entire RiseUp Book Barn Library.™ 
  • Access to pre-published books 
  • Unlimited downloadable activities to be shared with family and friends!


You help support equine rescues and sanctuaries!