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Flip Books for Authors

  • Do you want an alternative to e-books and print books?
  • Are you an author with a ready-to-print book? 
  • Do you want a better ROI for all your hard work?

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Why a Digital Flip Book?

If you have a unique story to share with your readers, what better way to tell the story than through an interactive digital flip book.  Your media-rich flip book is embedded on your website and ready for viewing by new site visitors and return customers. The flip book is easy to use and fun for your fans to learn more about you, your books, and your products and services. Flip books can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Do you have a complete manuscript for a book you wrote? We can quickly convert it into an engaging flip book.
  • Create a workbook for your members and fans from your own book. These are a huge hit with kids and adults.
  • Display a sample of your flip book and invite people to buy the full version to view on your website or learning platform.
  • Embed personalized videos to welcome your readers, demonstrate tools, techniques, products, and services you offer.
  • Use color-rich media to grab and maintain your readers attention and keep them coming back for more!
  • Do you have lots of posts, videos, and images buried in website archives? Create an engaging Blog Book for the front of your website.
  • Do you need help getting started on your book?

Keep reading to find out how flip books are revolutionizing digital publications.

How does this work?

RiseUp EQ Press converts your ready-to-publish pdf manuscript into a beautiful customized digital flip book. To keep our services affordable, we do not offer editing services. We can guide you in where to look for editors. The editing process is the most expensive part of producing a good or exceptional book.

Here are a few ways we work to help you convert your book into a digital flip book:

Low Cost: You have a complete (fully edited) manuscript in PDF format:

  • Send us your completed pdf manuscript with photos and hyper-links.
  • Provide videos to embed in the book during conversion.
  • Place a trailer or a sample on social media platforms with a link to your webpage.
  • On approval, we offer your book on our Shopify Store.
  • Now have fun with your readers!

Medium Cost: You have an incomplete book or a need to revise one:

  • Hire an editor to assist you to complete your book. We can offer ideas.
  • Complete or revise your book and follow the previous steps.
  • Hire us at affordable hourly service rates to format or design pages. The more we do, the more it costs.

High Cost: You have a book in your brain that needs to come to life:

  • Start writing your book! If you need a bit of help getting started, we provide writing resources that we have used that are reasonable and experts in the writing process.
  • Notify us when you meet our requirements. We will take it from there.

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What is the cost?

If you have used a traditional publisher in the past, you know how expensive it is to get your book written, edited, formatted, and designed with images or illustrations. We are here to guide you to get your book PDF ready at a much more affordable rate.

The average cost to traditionally publish is at least $10,000. This rate may or may not include marketing your book once it is published. RiseUp EQ primarily converts ready-to-print manuscripts into beautiful flip books with added features, such as videos and pop-ups. It is still up to you to market your book. We can offer advise and brag about you on our platforms to help.

$400 Standard Author Package Includes:

  • Flip book conversion fee
  • Up to 150 pages (pdf file)
  • Up to 5 video links
  • Up to 30 min phone or Zoom consultation time
  • Conversion time up to 21 days

$550 Premium Author Package Includes:

  • Flip book conversion fee
  • Up to 300 pages (pdf file)
  • Up to 10 video links
  • Up to one-hour phone or Zoom consultation time
  • Conversion time no longer than 14 days

$100 Add Express Publishing:

  • Your publication will be ready within five days!

Additional Service Rates Vary:

Drop us an email and we will do our best to customize an affordable package or help you find a way get your book ready for conversion.

Can I add more pages later?

Yes! We have rates as low as $25 per page (the price depends on the level of editing needed for content and images).

Do I have to be tech savvy?

If you need technical support to embed your digital book onto your web page or your social media platforms, our tech-savvy partners at Mendatech, LLC offers fair rates.

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