Help Stop Fraud With Education

The Problem

Scammers are stealing billions of dollars from senior Americans at an unprecedented rate. Worse, the money is leaving the country, leaving victims and families devastated.

The Solution

Education! The challenge: how do we get the information into the hands of seniors? The RiseUp EQ team created a flip book for senior scam education. Now we need your help to Pass it On! Can you help spread the news? Have some ideas? Please email us at For a faster response, type BE SAFE in the subject line.

What is a Flip Book?

RiseUp EQ Press publishes educational digital books for nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. A flipbook is a digital book with more interactive features than an ebook.

Our Goals

  • Publish and distribute a free flip book with senior-friendly features (see below).
  • Provide easy access links for sharing on social media websites and emails.
  • Gather input and feedback to improve user experience.
  • Start a BE S.A.F.E Community for sharing and learning about scams (see below).

BE S.A.F.E. Flip Book Features:

  • Atkinson HyperLegible Font for poor-vision readers: Braille Institute Free Font
  • Pop-ups for small print
  • Highlighted hyperlinks to government videos (Youtube) and websites
  • Educational videos from companies we found useful
  • Educational videos from U.S. government websites
  • Multiple navigation tools to find information quickly


If you have any positive and practical ideas to contribute, email us at Please be patient. We will return an email as soon as possible.

Seniors Against Fraud & Exploitation (S.A.F.E.)

Have you or someone you know been scammed? Unfortunately, seniors have become the prime target. Scamming is a big business around the world. In the U.S. alone, the FTC has received over 6 million complaints since 2000, and it is only getting worse.

Online safety is becoming a top priority in government agencies. Advocacy groups have been raising the alarm for years. It is time to stop and educate ourselves and our loved ones.

Join Our Fight!

Scam News

Just Hang Up!

Beware of Malware!

Join the Fight 

Help RiseUp EQ Press Provide more Public Service Flip books.

How can you help? Spread the word about our Products & Services

  1. We sell life lesson educational print books on Amazon for kids who love horses
  2. We sell bulk print books to groups and clubs for fundraising campaigns
  3. We convert PDFs into beautiful, useful flip books for businesses
  4. We help nonprofit organizations raise money with their own custom books.

Thanks to the seniors who contributed and made this public service flip book possible. We are grateful for your support on this important topic.

Coming Soon!

If you are over 50 years old and interested in joining the new BE S.A.F.E Community to share your stories and learn from others’ experiences, pre-register below. We are busy building a S.A.F.E. social group on the Thinkific education platform. Similar to other well-known social platforms, but without ads and confusion.

Why join?

  • We do not sell your personal information or spam you with newsletters.
  • Our interests are in providing educational resources for online safety.
  • Business resources are included if they are relevant to the fight against Fraud.
  • The community is moderated by volunteers to ensure rules are followed.
  • Members unashamedly share their experiences of being scammed to help others.
  • Become part of the solution by educating yourself and others.

When Can You Join?

Be one of the first 300 people to start the community and help us create a safe place for seniors to learn and share scam and fraud experiences. This is a place to learn and BE S.A.F.E online. If you want to join the fight against fraud, pre-register today.