Janice R
Teacher, Master’s Degree in Curriculum/Instruction

“As an educator with over 4 decades of experience working with learners in the 3rd to 5th grade range, I find the materials offered by RiseUp Equestrian Academy to be well suited to children of those ages. Any child, whether already interested in horses or not, will enjoy the engaging content, the challenges and puzzles, and the gentle life lessons taught by the featured characters. Parents will appreciate the opportunity for their children to practice reading comprehension and social/emotional skills in the easy-to-navigate format.”

Janice R., public school teacher, Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Washington, Seattle.

Melody M.
M. Ed., Admin | Oklahoma Public Schools
Whether reading “Life Cycle of a Horse” for pleasure or as an assignment, the reader will be entertained through engaging and interactive features, including effective graphic organizers, vocabulary builders, and logic puzzles. Concepts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner with photos and illustrations that are sure to capture the reader’s attention. This book is a fun, informative addition to a young reader’s collection.
Melody Main, M. Ed.
Oklahoma City Public Schools

Emma A.
Equestrian Instructor | Horse Owner
Rise-Up Equestrian Academy offers well-rounded educational materials for the young horse-lover. Engaging horse-related vocabulary, history, science, and math activities are interwoven with the real-life narrative of Merlin as we follow him during his first years of life.  Young learners will relate to the various horse “assistants” as they introduce readers to a wide breadth of veterinary and horsemanship topics. No matter the reader’s current level of horse knowledge, the book is bound to spark limitless curiosity and opportunities for further learning!
Emma Abraham
Equestrian Instructor
Horse Owner

Tiffany D.
Teacher, M, Ed. | Private School Horse Owner

“Life Cycle of a Horse” is an engaging workbook suited for any young horse lover. The interacting story of the horse Merlin told through the history and science of equine animals is both captivating and unique. Every page is full of facts and interactive material. This is the perfect resource for children that love horses and appeals to a variety of ages 8-12.

For parents, this workbook offers an engaging way for their children to learn more about horses, strengthen their reading and critical thinking skills as well as develop empathy as they follow Merlin’s journey. As an elementary educator, this is a wonderful resource material that I would recommend to all of my horse lover students.

Tiffany Davis, M, Ed.
Elementary Teacher
Seattle Private Schools

Karen H.
Project Manager | Horse Lover

Starting my journey to understand horses and their relationship with humans 16+ years ago, I have found a deep bonding with other horse enthusiasts along this life-altering journey. I have absorbed profound learning and lessons from humans and horses that have been extremely beneficial in my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

I thoroughly love RiseUp Equestrian Academy and find that it offers a creative suite of stories, puzzles, and challenges that are filled with richly informative horse content, and lessons filled with humor, creativity, and integrity, that will be enjoyed by all ages. This is a must for any horse lover to learn and share.

Karen H.
Project Manager Corporate Professional | Horse Enthusiast

Megan A.
Author | LMT | Horse Lover

The workbooks are a truly beautiful way for any young learner curious about horses (or already in love with them) to develop their understanding of who horses are. I’ve been a horse professional for over 30 years, and the concepts developed through these interactive workbooks are part of a critical foundation for being able to understand horses and be safe with them in our shared world. And what fun to see how those same concepts also help us understand each other and even ourselves and make the world a better place, too!

Megan Ayrault

Author of The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage: What Your Horse Wants You to Know (and The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage), Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach, and founder of PowerOfTouchForAnimals.com

Judy C.
Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Life Cycle of a Horse by Robyn Smith is a thorough recount of the young life of a horse through the lens of Merlin. The book is chock-full of activities that educate the young reader and reinforce important concepts. This book is perfect for intermediate-age children (9-12 years old), although, with parental support, younger children could enjoy it as well. The mission statement at the beginning of the book clearly defines the intent of the story, which is to educate parents and young readers, “to decrease the number of horses and donkeys often ending up at rescues, sanctuaries….”. Life Cycle of a Horse indeed fulfills that mission!

Judy Cook, elementary public school teacher, Nationally Board Certified, Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle.

Emily N.
Masters in Teaching | Montessori Certification

As a Montessori educator, I know the importance of following the child. This means noticing what the student is drawn to and finding a way to work these interests into the works of the classroom.

The materials from RiseUp Equestrian Academy will speak to your young scientists and animal/horse lovers! So many lessons are embedded in the stories, puzzles, and games. From reading comprehension and vocabulary building to gentle sociology lessons which will help young people navigate personal relationships.

The RiseUp Equestrian Academy program is exactly what our young learners need. An exciting way to build knowledge in many different arenas!

Emily Nagel

Masters in Teaching, AMS Montessori Early Childhood Certification