Seniors Against Fraud & Exploitation (S.A.F.E.)

Do you know anyone who has been scammed? Have you been scammed? Although anyone can be scammed, seniors have become the prime target. Scamming has become big business around the world. In the U.S., the FTC has received over 6 million complaints since 2000, and it is only getting worse.

The Problem:

Scammers are stealing billions of dollars from senior Americans at an unprecedented rate. Worse, the money is leaving the country, leaving victims and families devastated.

The Solution:

Knowledge through education. The question is, how do we get the information to the seniors? The RiseUp EQ team came up with a plan.

The Project:

The team researched, compiled, and produced what we hope will become an effective tool for solving ‘The Problem.’ 


BE S.A.F.E. Education Project:  Seniors Against Fraud & Exploitation

The Mission:

  • Publish a free flipping book resource manual with senior-friendly features (see below).
  • Provide easy access links for sharing on social media websites and emails.
  • Beta-test the concept for six months and gather input and feedback to improve it.

This delivery system is unique and may have some unforeseen mishaps along the way. After all, it is free to the public, but we work behind the scenes to improve the learning experience.

If you have any practical ideas to contribute, please complete the survey provided in the BE S.A.F.E. Education Manual. We will not be able to answer calls. Please email us:

Get ready to go on a test drive and try out this concept with us. Our goal is to get this free resource into the hands of the seniors and stop the scammers.

What is Flip Book?

RiseUp EQ Press publishes educational digital books for charities and businesses. A flipbook is a digital book with more interactive features than an ebook.

Flip Book Features:

  • Flipbook instruction video
  • Large Atkinson HyperLegible Font for low to poor-vision readers: Braille Institute Free Font
  • Pop-ups for callouts or small print
  • Hyperlinks to government videos (Youtube)
  • Hyperlinks to non-government videos that we found especially educational for seniors.
  • Educational videos
  • Multiple navigation tools
  • Fun interactive interface

We kindly ask for your positive feedback. All negative emails will be filtered and removed. This is a public service project. We appreciate your patience and support.

Pass It On!


The RiseUp EQ Team!

Be S.A.F.E.

Help Us Stop Senior Fraud and Exploitation. Share this digital book resource with all your loved ones and friends. Post it on Social Media. It’s free! Pass it On!!