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The digital W.H.O.A Book Club is the perfect way for horse-crazy kids aged 9-12, to learn about their favorite animal on the go. Flip books provide hours of fun!
Each month brings new material from upcoming print books and more.

Try a Flipbook

Ebooks are lightweight, convenient, and easy to use – but they lack the sensory and emotional experience of a print book… until now! Introducing – the amazing flip book! The W.H.O.A. Book Club is full of them! Easy to use, interactive, stimulating, and most importantly, they are fun!

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RiseUp EQ Print Books are a fun, engaging, and screen-free gateway to foster your child’s lifetime journey into the world of horses. W.H.O.A. Workbooks are entertaining and ideal for kids to collect and share with horse friends and family.

Buy Bulk Books

W.H.O.A Workbooks are great for camps, clubs, groups,and more. Use the books for fundraising events or birthday favors for parties and friends. Donate to childrens’ hospitals. These high quality print books are shipped directly to you within 14 days.