Equus Survival Trust Fundraising Bundle

Donated by Robyn Smith

Under Development;
This 49 chapter book “Project” is currently available to the RiseUp Equestrian Academy Book Club members as it’s being developed. Buy the bundle get the same early access as the book is being produced.
Get ready to gallop through the pages of the iconic Black Beauty classic by Anna Sewell. In this W.H.O.A. Workbook adaptation by Robyn Smith and designed by Emily Rendahl, kids learn history, gain TRUE EQ (reliable equine knowledge) and so much more. Whether your horse crazy kid likes to draw, color, solve puzzles, or read, this educational activity book will keep them entertained for hours.
Anna Sewell’s classic tale of the life of a horse has been beloved by readers for generations. Through the point of view of Black Beauty and the friends he meets along his journey, kids will experience the highs and lows of his life, while learning about the importance of treating all animals with kindness and respect.
Readers can dive even deeper into the world of horses and learn how Anna Sewell’s own experience inspired her to write this timeless story and become one of the most well known authors and animal activists of her time.
What are you waiting for? Join Black Beauty on his epic journey of a lifetime. This classic story is even more compelling and informative with vivid color and bonus information. Anna Sewell would be proud to see her legacy live on in this timeless tale of kindness, compassion, and equine welfare. So come on and join the ride – you won’t be disappointed!

Sneak Peek: Black Beauty Flip Book